Amazon Echo Dot Review (2nd Gen)

The Amazon Echo Dot is an affordable way to add the Alexa Voice Service to your home. The Amazon Echo Dot costs $50 and offers the same voice service as the original Amazon Echo. It comes with everything you need to set it up except for a smart device and is a great option if you would like the Alexa Voice service in your home, but don’t want to buy the Amazon Echo or Echo Show.

Inside the box, there is the Echo Dot itself, a USB power supply, Micro USB cable, and quick-start guide. The Echo Dot is also very simple to set up: simply download the Alexa App on your smart device and follow instructions to pair the Dot to your Amazon account.

The Amazon Echo Dot has 2 ports: a Micro USB port for power in and a 3.5mm jack for connecting an external speaker to the Dot. The Echo Dot also has 4 buttons: Volume Up, Volume Down, Mute Microphone, and Action Button (volume can also be adjusted by simply asking).

I like using my Amazon Echo Dot for many things. I use Alexa to set an alarm to wake me up for school the next day. I can also ask her what the weather will be like the next day.


• Ability to Connect to External Speakers (3.5mm jack or Bluetooth)
• Size
• Price
• Easy to Setup/Use
• Helpful in Many Different Ways
Cons and Improvements:
• “Always Listening”
• Speaker Quality isn’t Great

Overall, I really like my Amazon Echo Dot. I use it most by asking it simple questions and setting reminders. I also use it as an alarm clock so it can wake me up before school.

If I had to rate the Amazon Echo Dot Review, I would give it 4/5 stars. This is because it works great for answering simple questions and reminders, but if you want to listen to music with your voice, you might want to connect it to an external speaker or by the Amazon Echo instead.