Anti-Snoring devices

Anti-Snoring devices now abound in the market. This is because snoring is a common sleeping disorder. This affects not only the individual who snores but the individuals around them. There are over 300 known anti-snoring devices in the market today. Each one claiming they use natural remedies and very reliable. So expectations from those who purchase these products is that the gadgets or pills help in controlling snoring.

Why do people snore? Snoring occurs when the air passage for the nose and throat to your lungs are blocked. This disruption s caused by the nose or deviated septum, deviated tonsils, restricted breathing or the uvula is smaller. Snoring is the sound of air forced through your nose or throat.

The soft tissues located in your palate starts vibrating as you sleep. Even if you are breathing easily through your nose of even if your uvula and tonsils are normal, the vibration is noisy due to the relaxation of your throat muscles. The noisy vibration increased as you grew older, gained weight and your throat tissues get flabbier.

“Tired of Snoring? Anti-Snoring Devices will help you Cure your Sufferings”

Among the snoring devices which you can easily avail of are: nose clips, device that fits the neck, and sprays that coat the throat. They give some positive effects but only temporary; what you are looking for is a device that gives long-lasting remedy.

* The Sleep Pro is one of the snoring devices that you are made to wear inside the mouth while you are asleep; it is an assurance to stop snoring. Called as a “mandibular advancement splint”, it maintains your jaws in a pushed-forward position. This simple device is intended to open up your airways. It has stopped snoring in around 80% of cases.

The Sleep Pro was created by an Austrian EENT surgeon in answer to the lack of affordable but effective solution to snoring. There are 2 modules available:

1. Sleep Pro 1 which is “boil and bite” model that you fit at home. It cost $60.
2. Sleep Pro 2 is made of general dental impression that is send to your home for an impression and sent back to its source. Since it is custom-made, it cost $300.

By the use of this snoring device, you and those around you will have a good night sleep.

* The anti-snoring system called Somnolis Eco is ideal for travelers and alternative uses. Considered as a state of the art device, its designers are from Switzerland. Somnolis is a small oval device based on the medical anti-snoring solution known as mandibular advancement.

The principle of the snoring device consists in forcing the lower jaw foundation a few millimeters back in order to free the air intake passage and release the back of the tongue. Many clinical studies have proven the effectiveness of this mandibular orthosis system which suppresses or considerably reduces snoring and moderate apnea. The success ratio of this device is around 80%.

For normal and durable use, customized device such as Somnofit is recommended; and NitrAdine to be used for its cleaning tabs.
However, this snoring device is not advised for those wearing dental prosthesis, those wearing prosthesis without reliable fixation and those with loose and unstable teeth.

There are other effective snoring devices available on line that may address this particular problem. Be sure to check on features and whatever guarantees that go with it.