Deluxe NIX 12-Inch Hu-Motion Digital Picture Frame Review

The General Consensus

The Deluxe NIX 12-inch Hu-Motion Digital Picture Frame is one of the most popular digital photo frames. This photo frame is studded with excellent features that are found in very few others. The product boasts of an overall rating of 4 stars in the and is also one of the best-selling digital photo frames.

All the positive and negative opinions from the different users will be taken into account in this review. The features of the product would also be considered while drawing the conclusion of the review. We expect this article to be extremely helpful for those, who are planning to buy a digital photo frame in the near future.

The Negative Reviews

In spite of an overall rating of 4 stars, many of the users have expressed their dissatisfaction about the product. We looked at all those points and summarized them as below.

Many users complained about different problems pertaining to the motion sensor. The feature did not work all in some cases. In some other cases, it did work but with limited efficiency. There were serious concerns raised about the quality of the display. Some users only got to see half a picture, whereas for some others, the pictures did not load or stopped after running for a while.
We also found that the quality of video and audio was poor, and in some cases, the device could not even play MP3 audio. The design and looks of the Deluxe NIX were not to the likings of some users. They found the digital photo frame cheap to look at and were utterly disappointed.

From the review, it was also revealed that the manufactures did not carry out the quality check for each of the items. Surprisingly, the company does not have live phone support to address the problems. The mail support was also ineffective and clumsy at times.

The Positive Reviews

The Deluxe NIX 12-inch digital picture frame has received an overall rating of 4 stars according to This model has more advanced features than most of the other digital photo frames available. Most of the customers were delighted about their experience with the Deluxe NIX Hu-Motion Digital Picture Frame.

Majority of the users were extremely satisfied with the motion sensor feature. This advanced feature enables the device to start when someone is around and shut down when no one is present nearby. This feature earned many positive feedbacks for the product.

The device can be operated easily with a simple menu and remote control. It can play pictures in sequence and in a random pattern. One more additional feature is that it can play MP3 audio and video.

Many of the users were very happy with the big 12-inch screen and the depth of the picture.

The Deluxe NIX 12-inch digital picture frame offers wonderful features within a reasonable range. Most of the users have expressed their liking for this product. However, the negative reviews were too significant to be ignored. Some of these points put a serious question mark about the reliability of the product.

The Deluxe NIX is certainly a wonderful product, but the company needs to look into the drawbacks very seriously. They must rectify the problem areas of this extremely promising product.