Enviro World FreeGarden RAIN Barrel Review

The Enviro World FreeGarden RAIN barrel is a nice barrel for simple water harvesting and storage at the bottom of your gutter’s downspout. This barrel is ideal for watering trees, lawns, and flowers.

Enviro World FreeGarden RAIN Barrel Review

The Enviro World FreeGarden RAIN barrel uses a simple, attractive design that doesn’t draw much-unwanted attention. The beauty of this design is in its stark simplicity. It’s a simple solution for simple applications. You can join multiple barrels together, but keep in mind that they will all need to be drained and moved indoors for the winter.

The biggest upside of this model is its appearance – in spots where a faux wooden barrel doesn’t make sense, the Enviro World FreeGarden RAIN barrel blends in by appearing functional rather than decorative. The heightened spigot means you can probably get by without a stand (more on that below).
The injection-molded high-density polyethylene (HDPE) barrel is made from a mix of virgin and recycled resin. It is not food grade nor is it BPA-free. It is sturdy and solid. It is not resistant to freezing. The brass spigot that’s included is your standard simple brass valve – no frills. If you want a nicer spigot, you can easily upgrade by purchasing your own stainless steel spigot with matching threads.

Pro Tip: Spigot Spotlight

The most common criticism about this barrel is the spigot. A couple of claims to have received a plastic spigot instead of the advertised brass spigot. We contacted Enviro World and they assured us that a new barrel ordered through Amazon would come with a brass spigot.

Other people have expressed unhappiness about the quality of the brass spigot. The solution to a leaky spigot is simple. Teflon plumber’s tape. Install the spigot with the provided gasket and use plumber’s tape on all threaded connections.

The Enviro World FreeGarden RAIN Barrel is easy to daisy-chain with other barrels using the integrated flanged hose nozzle on the top/back of the barrel. The included hose can be used to join two barrels, or to direct the barrel’s overflow well away from the building foundation. When you’re setting up multiple barrels, keep in mind that they will all need to be drained and stored before freezing temperatures occur each winter.

One of the most innovative features of the design is the heightened placement of the spigot, which is situated high enough on the barrel to allow you to fill a watering can without a stand to elevate the spigot. The heightened-spigot design serves multiple functions. The water at the bottom of the barrel (below the spigot) also acts as a weighted anchor to keep the barrel in place against the wind and accidental bumping.

The downside is that you can’t use any of that water in the bottom of the barrel. So, if you’re looking for a container for a specific application where you need exactly 55 gallons, keep looking. You’ll only have access to 50 gallons or so, unless you turn the barrel over to empty it.

The installation instructions that come with the Enviro World FreeGarden RAIN barrel explicitly state that the barrel must be drained and stored in a shed or garage for the winter. Don’t skimp on this piece of crucial maintenance. The plastic can and will crack, if there is water in the bottom of the barrel.

Special Features

• Heightened spigot allows you to easily fill a watering can without using a stand to elevate the spigot
• Simple design doesn’t draw too much attention to your rain water harvesting
• Barrel lid and screen secured with child-locking screws – providing additional safety for children and animals

Items Included in Package

• Enviro World FreeGarden RAIN barrel, lid, and 4 lid screws
• Mesh filter preinstalled in barrel lid
• Overflow Hose and 1 Hose Clamp
• Brass Spigot, Rubber Gasket, Spigot Nut

Available Accessories

The Enviro World FreeGarden RAIN barrel comes with pretty much everything you need to get started… except for a roll of plumber’s tape, which you can probably find locally for $1. No stand is required because the spigot is heightened. The included drain / chain hose can be used to direct overflow, or to daisy-chain multiple barrels together.

A diverter may allow you to situate the barrel in a more convenient location that’s not quite directly underneath the downspout. If you keep the screen in good working order, you shouldn’t have too much need for mosquito dunks. But if mosquitoes are a problem for you – these will help. If you want to use a rain chain, the Enviro World FreeGarden RAIN barrel is perhaps better matched with simple rain chain because of its minimalist design.

Recommended Setup

The Enviro World FreeGarden RAIN barrel is ideal for simple applications directly at the downspout which will not be used to provide water for animals or edible fruits and vegetables. If you want to save water from the downspout to wash cars or water trees and flowers – this is a good choice for you.

If you’re setting up a tightly-controlled system, this barrel probably isn’t a good choice. If you’re setting up a large system with many barrels, this might not be a good choice. If you want one or two low profile barrels directly underneath a downspout, this is a good choice.
Don’t forget that these barrels must be completely drained and moved into a protected storage area every winter. Other than that, these barrels are an attractive and economic option for simple rain harvesting.

Pros & Cons


• Simple design is pleasantly minimal for low-profile functionality
• Heightened spigot means no stand is necessary
• Solid, durable barrel body made of injection-molded high-density polyethylene (HDPE)
• Overflow outlet uses hose to direct water away from foundation


• Although the barrel is made of HDPE, it uses partially-recycled resin and the manufacturer does not make any claim of the material being BPA-free or food grade
• Must be drained and stored for winter

Our Rating

The Enviro World FreeGarden RAIN Barrel is a nice option that has a lot of features you can take advantage of in exchange for some basic seasonal maintenance. Take care installing the spigot, and don’t forget to bring them in for the winter. If you can do those two things, you will probably love this rain barrel. The injection-molded HDPE is much stronger and sturdier than your average rain barrel. This is one of the reasons the Enviro World FreeGarden RAIN barrel is such a popular choice.

If you want a simple, attractive, but low-profile rain barrel – this one is a good choice. If you’re trying to build a massive, tightly-controlled system – you should probably keep looking.