MIXIT↑™ DuraTek™ Lightning to USB Cable Review

MIXIT↑™ DuraTek™ Lightning to USB Cable is a Lightning cable, but it is much more strong and durable. This Lightning cable sells for $29.99 on Belkin’s website and comes in four different colors: Black, Rose Gold, Gold, and Silver.
The DuraTek™ Lightning Cable is made out of Double Braided Nylon which is much stronger than the material Apple uses for their Lightning Cables. As an added bonus, the DuraTek™ Lightning Cable is also a tiny bit longer than the Lightning cable included with an iPhone (0.2 meters longer).

The double braided nylon prevents the DuraTek™ Lightning Cable from suffering from the normal wear-and-tear and failures that the Apple Lightning cable encounters. I have had multiple Apple Lightning cables fail with a break inside of the insulation from everyday use of bending and moving to charge my devices. It looks like Belkin’s MIXIT↑™ DuraTek™ Lightning Cable’s added nylon will protect the inside wires and reduce failures, but only time will tell and I may need to update this post later after I use the cable for a longer period of time.


Durability – Belkin’s MIXIT↑™ DuraTek™ Lightning Cable is much more durable than Apple’s Lightning Cable. Although Belkin’s option is more expensive, I think it is worth the investment because you won’t need to buy replacement Lightning Cables as often.


Price – The cost of the Belkin’s MIXIT↑™ DuraTek™ Lightning Cable is $29.99 and approximately $10.00 more that the standard Apple Lightning Cable. This extra $10 may be more than some everyday users would be willing to pay without knowing that the added protection could save them money in the long run.

My final thoughts on the MIXIT↑™ DuraTek™ Lightning Cable is that it is much more durable than Apple’s cable and will definitely repay its extra price. It comes in multiple different colors and looks great if you match it to your iPhone. If I were to rate this product, I would give it 4.5/5 stars because I like that it is durable and slightly longer, but I haven’t tested it enough to know if it can survive longer than Apple’s Lightning Cable to justify the price difference.