ViewSonic VFD1027w-11 10.2-Inch Digital Photo Frame Review

The General Consensus

The Viewsonic VFD1027w-11 10.2-inch digital photo frame is an extremely economical digital photo frame with decent features. The product has been awarded an average rating of 4 star based on the feedback from 70 odd reviews in This is one of the top 20 best selling digital photo frames.

The product has received decent comments from users in general. The Viewsonic VFD 1027 is one of cheapest frames on the market and has enough features in it to please the customers. We have looked at all the features and reviews available in This review is meant to serve as a guide for those who are about to buy a digital photo frame.

The Negative Reviews

Nothing in this world is perfect. The users in the review have reported some drawbacks of the product. We have summarized them together for your convenience.

Many users felt discontent about the lack of auto-sensing feature. The frame can only be placed in a horizontal position, and this is considered a limitation for those who wanted to place it vertically. The quality of the image is good when it is viewed from a distance, but is mediocre from a close range.
The Viewsonic VFD comes with a remote control, but that cannot be used to delete photos from the SD card. Many of the customers have also complained about defective screens and several other issues with the quality of the frame.
Some reviewers had a tough time getting technical support from the support staffs of the company. The response time for the mails is irregular and erratic. One more technical glitch of the product is that of its extremely low memory.

The Positive Reviews

Nearly 90 % of the users posted positive feedback for the Viewsonic VFD 1027 digital frame. Extremely affordable price seems to be a major USP of the product.

The 10.2-inch big screen is one of the most favorite features of this photo frame. Most of the users were found to be very happy with the quality, style and depth of the picture quality. Interestingly, most other 10.2-inch frames cost almost double the price of Viewsonic VFD.

The design of the device is sleek and stylish. Users find it very easy to configure the interface. The remote control is a perfect value addition to Viewsonic VFD and makes it easy to operate.

The elderly people who have used it have appreciated the easy to use feature. The frame also has an excellent picture resolution.
Many of the customers have bought this as a gift for their parents, grandparents or spouse, and the Viewsonic VFD 1027 has not let them down.

The Conclusion

After reviewing all the pros and cons of the product, it was time to draw a conclusion. The Viewsonic VFD certainly emerged as a potentially useful model. It offers loads of high-end features to customers within an unbelievably low price range. Along with price, large screen size and excellent resolution is the most adored feature of this frame.

We would recommend this frame if you have a tight budget. Most probably, no one else will provide so many features within such low price. However, there is some suggestion for the manufacturers from us. They must fix the issues immediately to enhance the quality and customer experience.

Why use teeth whitening kits?

Each day millions of people consume drinks such as coffee and iced tea. Some people even occasionally like to smoke or enjoy an alcoholic beverage. Although unknowingly, they are, over time, slowly destroying their once beautiful, white teeth. Fortunately, there are now dozens of ways to safely and effectively whiten your teeth.

Whitening your teeth will brighten your smile and your day. You will feel more confident and more attractive when you look in the mirror and see a glowing smile. Other people will notice too, and compliment you! People who are more confident are proven to be happier and more successful at the office.

Teeth whitening kit comparisons teeth whitening safe?

Before a person decides to whiten their teeth, he or she will want to know what the consequences are. Fortunately, along with all of the great benefits of whitening your teeth, there are very few problems that could occur. Whitening your teeth is extremely safe, hence the reason the FDA has allowed so many new methods to come out on the market. The methods are painless and, when used as directed, will pose no health problems or damage to your teeth or gums. Teeth can be whitened safely every 6 months without any permanent effects on your enamel.

When is the best age to whiten teeth?

Some people may wonder when the best age to whiten their teeth is. The wonder, “Am I too old? Am I too young?” Neither is true! Teeth whitening kits are good for people of all ages and will create noticeable results regardless of how old or stained a person’s teeth may be. Even children can whiten their teeth as long as they are over age 12! Many children like to see their smile whitened after they get their braces taken off. They feel confident and like a new person thanks to their straight smile and white teeth.

Do I have to see a dentist?

People who are sold on whitening their teeth often seek the best possible method to do so. There are various ways to whiten your teeth and get maximum effects. The first, and most expensive way, is to go to a local cosmetic dentist. Cosmetic dentists are good for people who have very sensitive teeth and don’t mind shelling out between $500 and $1000 dollars for the procedure. The results are quick, easy, and only take an hour, but are also extremely expensive. Regardless of what teeth whitening procedure you choose, make sure you speak with your dentist to make sure it is right for you.

Can I whiten my teeth at home?

In the past few years, home teeth whitening kits have become a huge industry. There are literally hundreds of different products available to get that healthy white smile you have always wanted. Some of the most popular procedures have recently been white strips. White strips are cheap and cost-effective as they whiten your teeth for under $50. However, this treatment takes weeks to complete and the results aren’t as drastic as some other options.

A second option for whitening teeth at home is to use toothpaste that has whitening capabilities. This was once a sought after quality in toothpaste, but many types of toothpaste now have this feature. Although the effects are small, they are there. Whitening toothpaste is helpful to keep your teeth white, but is not extremely effective for erasing stains. Dentists recommend using this type of toothpaste after having your teeth whitened to ensure they stay clean, bright, and healthy.

A third, and extremely effective, option for teeth whitening at home is using carbamide peroxide. These gels come in different concentrations from 24% all the way up to the maximum 44%. These are extremely effective and can provide dentist like results in a short period of time. However, these require trays that fit into your mouth and fill with the gel. Fortunately, these are much cheaper than visiting cosmetic dentists and nearly as effective. Investing in these gels is affordable and safe as long as they are used within the recommended limits and guidelines.

How do I care for my whitened teeth?

As mentioned before, toothpastes with whitening qualities are important to taking care of your whitened teeth. This will help maintain the glow that you acquired through the process. In addition, proper oral healthcare is always important not only for cosmetic reasons, but for overall health. Teeth have to be healthy in order for them to be enjoyed!


Yellow Teeth

When you experience the embarrassment of yellow teeth, it can be very difficult bringing yourself to smile for pictures or express genuine emotion to those needing to see it the most.

Living with yellow teeth is a curse that few ever want to experience, and with all the products currently on the market to help with dental whitening, you no longer have to live with it. What you must do, however, is understand what causes yellow teeth, and what can help to reverse the tide of it. If you are looking for a brighter smile, then it is time to explore your options. Learn what you are doing that damages your teeth and discover the best methods to prevent and/or fix the problem.

When prevention isn’t enough

First things first, you need to know what causes yellow teeth so that once the problem is under control, you can work to prevent it from ever flaring up again. To put it in layman’s terms, throughout the history of your life, you are going to put a lot of things into your body that will attack the enamel. The natural aging process itself causes that glisten of childhood to fade.

When you are a baby, you have whiter teeth than when you are an adult, and as you do more to damage your teeth through tobacco use or simply drinking dark colored liquids, you are going to experience wear on your enamel. As a result, you may be left with yellow or, at best, gray teeth that are unsightly for the camera. You have a few options to respond. One is through a cosmetic dentistry procedure during which you have your teeth bleached. This can be expensive and is not without its share of risks, but it is effective in giving you a whiter smile. Another option is through over the counter products such as teeth whitening strips and gels that can be applied at home, and that produce fast results without as much of the risk.

But in order for any of the treatments out there to do any good, you are going to want to cut back on the problems that are creating the yellow teeth in the first place. Along with applying a teeth whitening gel to your toothpaste every day, for instance, you may also wish to eat a better diet, take out the use of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco from your life, stop drinking coffee and tea, and generally obeying best dental practices.

Teeth whitening procedures can really bring out the luster in your smile, but it is important that you take good care of your teeth all around to have a permanent smile worth showing off. Explore the options, and choose the method that works best for you.